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Along the way there are pretty Berber villages and lush green valleys scattered with traditional Kasbahs to discover. A wonderful climate means there is pretty much guaranteed year round sunshine to be enjoyed..

Morocco's certified, passionate trekking, hiking and walking guides for high Atlas middle Atlas anti Atlas Interface hikes and Sahara desert treks...

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The highland regions of the nation run obliquely across the middle and form the chains of the fabled Atlas mountains rising to high peaks such as Toubkal and Mgoun that are over 4000m high...

Mountain Toubkal Climb€ 45

At 4,167m, Mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa...

Azzaden Valley Trek€ 45

Azzaden Valley and Known as Red Valley, Typical Valley with ...

Berber Villages Trek€ 45

Great four day Trek across High Atlas Valleys with its beautiful berber villages & ...

Wintert ActivitesFrom € 70

Morocco is the most mountainous countries of North Africa.Since the high peaks, where the view is super

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Morocco is a North African country that has a coastline on both the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It has borders with Western Sahara to the south, Algeria to the east and the Spanish North African territories of Ceuta and Melilla on the Mediterranean coast in the north. It is just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Gibraltar.

The Atlas Mountains is a mountain range across the northwestern stretch of Africa extending about 2,500 km (1,600 mi) through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The highest peak is Toubkal, with an elevation of 4,167 metres (13,671 ft) in southwestern Morocco. The Atlas ranges separate the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The population of the Atlas Mountains is mainly Berbers. The terms for 'mountain' in some Berber languages are adrar and adras, believed to be cognate with the toponym

To the south the Atlas ripple into the lower Jebel Sahro which eventually merges into the Sahara desert. Sherpa’s mountain treks to these places commence from the red city of Marakech, a place that used to be the hub of an empire stretching as far as Timbuktu in Mali. It is an amazing place where in the central square, The Djema El Efna you will find a mediaeval spectacle every evening featuring music, snake charmers, acrobats, orange juice makers and kebab cooks. A unique place to experience African night life. In winter the snow-clad peaks of the High Atlas provide a backdrop to its distinctive skyline of crenellated walls, palm trees and minarets. All of Sherpa’s tours begin and end here and these include a self guided trek as well as the traditional high peak escorted tours.

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F We offer hiking tours, biking or camel ride through Morocco, Circuits varied: mountains, Atlantic coastline, desert, 4x4 expeditions, day trips, luxury camping in the desert & High Atlas as well.

It would be very useful to gain an indication of the type of trip you have in mind so that we can get a clear picture of your requirements. Please be as specific as you can, and i will use this information to work out a suitable package. i am of course able to answer any specific questions you may have in connection with your proposed trip. If you can set out your plans and send them to us by e-mail and attach any further questions, i will then contact you to work out the details.